Waterslide decals

Does anyone know of any decent websites that do good custom waterslide decals close to scale? I repainted a few hk416s to the grun/Braun ral 8000 color and figured the easiest route to relettering the receivers and putting the fire selector would be water slides

Perhaps patchesofpride could help. You could ask Mark if it is possible to do this for weapons. The idea is great. I would be in too ;-).

I understand the rule against broadcasting business information, but I would check out Bad Mother Tattoos and Customs. Don’t know I’d they have a website, but they have an eBay and Facebook page. Hope this helps maybe.

Thanks, it does, I get that rule as well, I’ve actually ordered 1/6 tattoos from that company before

Thanks, I sent him an email, just waiting for response, if it turns out well I’ll post the results