Welding mask

The previous post was awaiting moderation and I realised I should have uploaded my WIP mask so people can see the difference or maybe give me tips on making it less crappy :laughing:

Sorry for the double post Adam.

Edit: oh this one didn’t go into moderation so now the post looks weird. To give some context I was trying to bash Bulldozer from call of duty, and was looking for suggestions for a similar mask as the one I got looked pretty bad despite my efforts at painting and prettying it up. This is Dozer’s official pic. ui_loot_operator_mp_western_t9bulldozer_1_1


Looks good, great work. You could add some holes like in the picture below and you could add the ear cups for example.
For other Details you could also use epoxy.


Thanks colonel! Yea I might be able to rescue this one.

Does the mask offer ballistic protection in the game? I’ve used a number of types of welding hoods, and would not choose any, to wear on a two-way range.

Does look somewhat intimidating, but then again, they all do, to a degree.

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Haha yea that’s a good point. No it doesn’t - all characters are the same, the difference comes from the guns. I know it’s not practical but he just looks cool as hell.

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