Well, I tried...

Back when DAM’s GK015 / Gangster’s Kingdom Heart 4 Vincent & Kerr was first announced, I sent a tweet to DAM’s Twitter account asking if they would consider tooling up a 32-round magazine for their MAC-11. Whoever handles the account messaged me back saying that the suggestion had been forwarded to the design team, but the loadout was to otherwise remain the same.

Fast forward to the present day, and this set is finally out in Asia. No 32-round mag. Disappointing, but the rep did make sure and mention that there were no guarantees.

What’s even more baffling is that a spare 25-round Uzi mag is included in the set, despite there being no Uzi to load it into. This mag was present in the announcement pics, but I figured it was just a mistake. Their previous Marshall and Tracy figures included the proper 16-round MAC-11 mags as spares. Very weird.

In any case, I like their MAC-11, despite it not having any moving parts save the stock. I’ve ordered a couple off eBay, and I’m glad the suppressor is now available in black. Here’s hoping they do eventually release a 32-rounder, but they may feel that they’ve gotten their money’s worth out of the MAC-11 mold and retire it. Who knows…

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I remember this debate about their first AKM74 with the VDV Russian Para figure, where DAM attached the stock in a wrong angle. They fixed that actually.
Unfortunately, they didn’t care too much about the point you made. I wonder though what a 16rd mag on a Mac11 will do. Should be finished within a split second.
At least you got an answer. They never came back to me when I had problems with their figures.

By the way, thanks for directing me to the GK015. Will definitely get the G18.

I might grab a G18 (even if it’s a crappy DAM one) once it hits stateside. The Chinese sellers are asking upwards of $40 for them, which is more than I was willing to pay.

I got two MAC-11s at $27 each/free shipping, which I consider to be more reasonable.

That’s their new way of amortizing the figures. Selling the weapons for super high prices.
Funny, sometimes I see the same sellers on ebay and on Chinese platforms and the prices differ so much. Stupid westerners!

Right. For this release, it’s just two guys in suits, three guns, and the safe and all its contents. There’s not as much gear to part out and share costs. I’m just glad that this release isn’t more than $185ish, especially since it includes two figures.

I did find the G18 set for $36, but that is still more than I want to pay for it. Especially since it’s a chunky-framed DAM G18.

Chunky framed? This one different than the Tan one from the DAM PMSC?

Nah, it should be the same mold. DAM’s G18s suffer from the same proportion problems their G17s do.

I don’t have a DAM G18, so I should say this is just based on me looking at pics of them online.

Even so, it’s the best G18 in the scale, and I was waiting for one in black. The ZERT-y Frank Casey one and the tan Syria PMC one didn’t do it for me.

I got the one from the Syria figure and I was positively surprised by Dam’s standards. Looks slightly less chunky, has all the markings and quite good detail. Only the trigger section looks still as bad as the G17 from Dam.

The interest of this range Dam is, besides the fact of stylized characters, to regularly have weapons that are not available in boxes of military figures … I also ordered a MAC-11, for 24 €, which in delivery now …

I know what you are talking about. DAM’s Gangsters Kingdom and VTS’ Dark Zone figures have, despite I have no interest in them, useful and great weapons.
I also remember the FiveSeven from the Fringe Olivia Dunn box set which was ridiculously hard to obtain loose.

I did not even know that a FiveSeven was out somewhere … I hope you had the opportunity to have one … it must be a nice piece :wink:

I picked up one of those out of curiosity but they turned out to be pretty detailed.