Well that's annoying...

So I have been gathering some bits and parts to do a custom figure. I tried to stick to all E&S for the body parts, assuming they would fit together well within the same brand… Nope. Head flops around like an unconscious drunk, and the boots do not fit the ankle pegs even remotely closely. Not even sure if I want to try the gloved hands.

I never had this issue with Dragon or BBI haha. How many upgrades have been done to the bodies already if the parts don’t fit together within the same brand.

So, the SAD head does not fit the neck of the SAS CRW well without flopping around. It’s going to take some tape to fill the gap. The head does seem to sit a bit higher as well, even though it looks to be about the same size. And the FBI HRT boots don’t fit the ankle pegs, which have a larger ball connector. I’ll try the gloved hands as soon as I can remember what container I hid them in.

I still need a few more bits to finish this dude off, but aside from the snags, It should all work out well enough. Aside from the annoying snags.

Yeah the second generation Easy Simple body changed ankle peg sizing along with neck peg sizing, first generation followed Hot Toys sizing. Second gen is their own sizing where the ball end is much larger on the neck peg for the neckless heads and the necked heads use a neck connector that is shorter in height than Hot Toys standard so the heads with that connector won’t sit at the right height. Ankle pegs are larger in diameter than other brands. The newer ES bodies basically just work with their own head and boots if you want something plug and play and want things to sit at the right heights. Wrist pegs should work fine between the two. The older Ace rubberized feet have enough give in their ankle cups that you can use those to convert over to a cloth boot. For the first gen Easy Simple heads I usually transplanted those to the older first gen DAM body.

I may have to source another head and shoes. I’m definitely keeping the tattooed muscle body.

I can always pop the head onto a DAM body for another option. Or I can shim it up with some teflon tape or something similar to prevent the loose neck joint. I haven’t been much of a fan of the E&S heads really, so I would like to use the one I do like.

Little things that slow down the job.

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I’ve been using thermo fit tubing to adjust loose heads. Give it a try…