What should I do?

Guys the DAM SSO figure I bought did not come with every single part… I’m sadly missing the dust cover for the AK… I contacted the online store and they won’t do anything… Would any of you guys have a dust cover I could purchase?


That is a huge bummer. I’ve had a few DAM figures with missing/improper parts and I have had to find the proper piece online to buy a replacement every time. It stinks because the prices are already so high and then you have to add another $15-$30 to the cost depending on which part it is.

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Yikes! I wonder how that passed the QC?

Not unusual unfortunately. Ever since DAM revamped their packaging and started placing QC Passed stickers on the packaging I’ve probably seen more incidents of obviously broken bits and missing parts than prior. I’m sure some of this has been exacerbated by trying to operate under changing and evolving circumstances throughout COVID where factory turnovers and shutdowns have been causing issues, but still either you have a QC process or you do not. Unfortunately brands in this space choose to employ a hands off approach to customer service outside of China.

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Funnily enough my SSO was missing the camo mag. I understand how you feel though. I’ve requested stuff through the seller before and it never really goes anywhere.

That is unfortunate to hear! Thank you for the clarification though Adam :slight_smile: and Phero I know how you feel too :smiley:

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