When the high school intern gets to do the infographics...

Also this seems appropriate.

I am not so much into military. What’s wrong next to the AOR2?

The rifle’s an M4 and not an HK416, for one.

So it’s a locking ring next to the laser and the the white circle of the indicator is blocking the front iron sight!

The Tyr Pico thing is oddly specific too… it’s almost as if someone pranked the info-graphic maker. I’m guessing they just went with the first image result for “Special Forces”.

Pretty much hence you have a much older period photo with misidentified items like 3 color desert camo. Not seen many grenade launchers being recommended to mount to a side rail either. The particular publication quite regularly churns out amusing infographics and their articles about anything involving a firearm are often unintentionally funny, you know the sort where they make claims about high velocity military assault rifles so lethal they are capable of shooting down enemy space shuttles in near earth orbit.

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The rest of the infographic is pretty funny too, in that it relies solely on the President’s statement about the raid for info - so the helicopters flew through “very very dangerous territory” and the IS leader was cornered by a “beautiful” MWD. The graphic also features a KSK dog handler.

So, does anybody know which unit flew through these oh so very dangerous skies to set that beautiful K9 on al-Baghdadi? Delta/CAG, Devgru? Maybe, they were just in a very, very nice retro kind of mood to haul along outdated uniforms and guns…

Delta A Squadron and 75th Rangers apparently. The KSK were notably absent.

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Supposedly the dog and handler from the raid

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Unfortunately debunked, that’s a Green Beret handler. Nice looking pup though!

They didn’t black out the dog’s face too? Someone screwed up!


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