When you need to win the molle battle

Speaking of backordered things, finally got my new magnifier in. A quality set of glass with good working distance makes a big difference working in this scale. Glad the old one crapped out, the cheaper ones can really wear on your eyes. Now for a few dozen trips to Ikea and I can finish carving out a work space.


Honestly when I’m short on hobby time and don’t feel like grappling with the MOLLE monster I sometimes just use double-sided tape. It’s helpful when you want to try out different loadouts and switch them quickly

No, MOLLE is the actual fun about this. Had some vests once where the pouches where attached already and the assembly process only took like 30min. MOLLE gives me fun for up to 3h.

Agreed! SS105 took several hours to complete over a two-day period. Half or more of that was the damn gloves.

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I agree MOLLE-weaving can be fun and meditative, but most of the straps on my 1/6th pouches are so frayed (and sometimes dotted with glue) that they don’t cooperate too well. Figure set-up in general, though, is definitely one of the funnest parts of the hobby.

It’s fun when straps and molle rows are sized consistently. The double thickness straps and inconsistent spacing on some examples can be a real pain. Some good tweezers, small bent nose pliers and some magnification makes working with less than ideal examples much easier.

Soldier Story’s gloves are a bit of a nightmare. One of those occasions where I’d rather have a molded part.

That looks like a nice dedicated glass. Much nicer than the cheap on I use. I suppose when mine doesn’t work on the lamp side of things, I can always upgrade.

I just did the easiest chest rig ever. Never had pouches go on that easy, and still stay snug once completed. And it only took about 20 minutes to put the 6 pouches on the vest. I wish they were all that easy hahaha. There are a few I have literally spent hours on, just on the vest, never mind the rest of the figure.

The problem is all the cheap ones are acrylic and they scratch easily and are not the best optically. If possible it’s always better to get glass, but it seems like all the affordable ones are pretty poor optically as you get lots of fisheye distortion and poor working distances. There are only a couple of industrial grade brands (Luxo and OC White) that make quality units these days but really anything is better than nothing, even the cheap ones make work much easier. A good option is to keep an eye open for vintage Luxo pieces as they are quite commonly used in many industries.

It’s nice when you get a vest or chest rig where they have sewed them spaced evenly. The most challenging ones are the Easy Simple ones as they use double thickness strapping for the pouches which can be a real challenge to thread on a narrow webbing section.