Where have you found tattoos for your figures

@skarpins1 is trying to track down some tattoos and was wondering where people might have been finding some outside of the usual 1:6 sellers. I’m aware of the ones that Archer Fine Transfers has done and have seen the odd ones on ebay. Are any particular artisans who may be doing those as with the custom patch guys? Feel free to post links as long as they aren’t for 1/6 stores.

I got some from bad mother decals :slight_smile:

I print them on my laser printer. All you need is clear decal paper, laser or inkjet printer and some matte coating. Waterslide as usual and quite effective.

Second using bad mother tattoos. Good selection in different scales - easy to apply. Also do my own stuff, copy sleeves/patterns from the internet - re-scale to 1/6 - then same process as Jostovar_01

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You can make your own tattoos. Bought some paper. Haven’t tried it out, but planning too…sooner or later…LOL!