White Coffee's NSW Winter Warfare Gunner Kitbash

Originally published at: https://kitbashes.com/2018/03/19/white-coffees-nsw-winter-warfare-gunner-kitbash/

Soldier Story’s 2016 Hobby Expo Exclusive NSW Winter Warfare Gunner Hobby Expo China is an annual industry trade show held in Beijing. As a regular attendee of the show, Soldier Story has made available a number of highly desirable figures made exclusively for sale at the show. 2016 saw them produce a winter camo equipped…

This is what SS’s release should have been like.

For an expo figure you would think they would have made the effort but I’m glad they appear to be making a general release figure (hopefully it doesn’t end up as expo 2018) to give people a chance to pickup some of the gear. In the meantime we have some decent options to kitbash something close to the original.