wich spray varnish to protect headsculpts?


I have a headsculpt I bought in China that has two minor scratches that have damaged the painting work in the hair area. I have repainted those small areas with acrylic paint and I would like to apply to the head some spray varnish to protect all the paint of the head, ( being it so prone to be damaged). Which brand would you recommend, Vallejo Acrylics…? And as i want to apply it to the face too, would it have to be mat or semi-gloss/satin varnish? I guess the eyes must be full gloss, isn´t it?


I used Vallejo for years for my Warhammer 40K stuff & now my 1/6 head painting. Became disappointed with soft finish, leaving a tint over paintwork or even leaving a sticky thin layer over model, so looked for a better varnish.

I would recommend, in this order;

  1. Testors spray lacquer - fantastic stuff - really good protector no funny side effects - leaves a nice matt finish.
  2. Liquitex matt varnish - again great product

As for eyes I still use Vallejo gloss varnish (small area so side affects not a concern). Sometimes I use the clear water effect, from Vallejo or AK interactive. Build up small coats over eyeball, gives a really nice natural effect.

Hope this helps

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