Wilcox Riser

CAG one piece riser/mount shown below alongside the two piece, quite a rare item.

With the versions of this that will come with some of the upcoming E&S products, will the magnifiers be detachable? I think that it would be nice to include at least 4 of them along with red dot sights (either XPSs or T2s) on some of the rifles for my bashes. Maybe a couple more for the rifles with Vortex 1-6x scopes.

I don´t think that E&S will do that. They had to produce at least two new molds for this just to make the Optic detachable.
The easiest way would be to make one RISR with the complete Optic like E&S has shown on the product photos. The other Option would be to make a second RISR just with the bracket.

They have replicated the removable variant in that you can remove the flip to side mount, I agree it is probably more likely they made the magnifier and adapter plate for the flip to side mount as one piece rather than separately.

Since the magnifier itself is the eotech one I’m sure it’s just glued and has a peg that goes down into the mounts body like their other eotechs. You can remove them from the mounts with a little patience. Put the mount in the freezer a bit to make the glue brittle then gently hold the mount in one hand and the scope in the other and twist back and forth until the glue lets go then you can just lift the scope off, the peg should slide out fairly easy

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