Winter is Coming - Soldier Story Teases New Reveal

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Soldier Story recently took to their Facebook page to tease the release of a future product dropping the not so cryptic “Winter is coming” lifted from Game of Thrones. While there is a remote chance they have secured a territorial license for that property, our guess is they are referring to one of two figures…

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SCAR is welcome and everyone who missed out on that Oakley goggles got a second chance. I might want a pair too, because mine got damaged.

Interesting. I would much rather have a proper Ned Stark figure.

You never know with Soldier Story. It could end up being a Ned Stark drink topper or a Ned Stark alarm clock.


I really hope not but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

I’ve always thought Soldier Story missed a big opportunity with their brand name. With a name like Soldier Story, it would have been a logical step to include a narrative that would give a bit of insight or history about the servicemen that the figure represents. Much like how Hasbro did with their GI Joe 12inch Classic Collection series. I always felt that would have been a respectful gesture that companies could have included.


But I’m sure in the end that would have been another expense for the company and higher prices for us hobbyists and we all know how we feel about that.

That would certainly be a welcome touch. With their Nam figure DAM included a small booklet that depicted the various gear used as well as brief synopsis of the particular event the figure was meant to be representative of. I think that was something they were trying to distinguish their History series.

Something like that along with any pertinent assembly/functionality instructions would go some way to improving the out of box experience. The way I see it, small things like that shouldn’t really increase the costs meaningfully as it is largely drawing on the research already done for the figure. You often see on the forums/facebook that even experienced collectors aren’t always sure of what something is, how it goes together, what the figure is all about, etc. The only potential issue I could see there is having some text that refers to unlicensed items like the various brands of gear. For a historical product that is less of a concern, but even then some basic unit/period information would be very useful.

The early Medicom figures, almost 2 decades ago, featured at least these booklets.

Can’t read it though. Looks Japanese to me.


Great stuff there. Have often wondered why Japanese brands aren’t more involved in the hobby these days given the very large community into the military and military hobbies there.

So basically all 1/6 military manufacturers are Chinese nowadays? Do you know about D&K Workshop?

MSE will be half American, I guess, but is E&S in the end.

Most are but it isn’t unusual to see small brands pop up with a few offerings. Anyone can start a brand if they have the money and can meet the MOQ’s and are willing to bear the risk importing goods with unlicensed content. All the production save for some niche items is in China. There are only a handful of brands/OEM’s doing everything, something that is obvious if you see enough product. More accessible for people based in China to get things made, hence most of the brands tend to originate there.