Winter Warfare Sniper Team

You guys should recognize these figures. The spotter is the Mini Times ver.1 Winter Warfare and the sniper is the Soldier Story version. I didn’t want them both with the same weapons so I gave the SS version an M40 winter camo and put the SS SCAR on the Mini Times figure. I took the buttstock round holder,cut it and put it on his forearm. I did keep both 416s as their main assault rifle. The SS SCAR looks much better so that’s why I used it. The Mini Times figure has more accessories so that’s what’s laying around.
Please continue to give me tips guys and any creative or constructive criticism.
I’m out!!


Looks fantastic! Great going there.

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Them two figures look great together mate. I also made a diorama, of a Australian s.a.s sniper team based on early 2003 in choc chip camo .

Hey Markie ,i reckon they would look great on a rocky snow covered looking diorama base. Very easy to build, let me know if you would like to see mine. It could give you some ideas


Very cool but as @Darren_Gow said; som kind om snow cover would be nice. On the other hand one might miss some of the details then (?)
Anyways, great looking bashes both of them.

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wow… really nice duo :blush:

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Oh yeah! Most definitely. Did you build it yourself?

Just bashed 2 different brands, Soldier Story and Mini Times.