WIP CIA Global Response Staff (GRS) / OGA

Hi all, here’s a (very WIP) bash I’ve been working on. First one on this forum. When I first saw the DAM PMSCS in Syria figure, this is sort of what I wished they’d done instead. It’s kind of a “DA/snatch and grab” type setup, bare essentials kit-wise and little else. I’m thinking 2012-2015. Pics are crap but it’s still WIP; I hope they upload properly, but honestly after the OSW process I’m happy with any sort of proper photo posting capabilities.

1st Line/Combats: GRS is known for wearing tiger stripe (desert and jungle), and an attached agent/contractor working with Afghan SOF would most likely wear the jungle variant to blend in. Not to mention, it’s a sweet looking pattern. Note the balaclava in lefthand pocket, if you can make it out. The belt has a frag pouch, rolled-up dump pouch, and GP with 9-bangers (or something similar… not sure what Americans call them). Sidearm holster is from the SS PJ.

2nd Line: Mayflower chest rigs are seemingly quite popular with GRS. PC is a slick MBAV, works well with the rig but makes this figure look more “MARSOC” then I had originally hoped. Might change it out.

Head: MICH helmet is because I’m tired of FAST/Team Wendy and all the cool-guy brain buckets out there. Maybe an Afghan lent him the helmet, who knows. And this is one of my favourite DAM HS’s, perfect for a high-speed-low-drag type. No OGA-type should be without facial hair.

Weapons: Rifle is a modified DAM Troy AR15, cut-down barrel and hand guard. GRS has been seen using all types of ARs, 416s/417s etc. Might swap out for 417. (Sidearm is a Glock, of course - to go with the goatee). Note small knife tucked in lefthand PC shoulder strap.

Boots: Lowa Zephyrs, by DAM. More popular with the Europeans but I’ve seen Americans wearing them. Plus, I’m a huge fan of Lowa IRL (as my work boots) and they look pretty neat.

More of a fun bash then anything, I’m not always trying to be 100% photo-accurate these days (what’s the fun in that, anyway?) Hope you enjoy.

Here’s some reference: Afghans, plus some misc. GRS pictures. Courtesy of DEVTSix and Casual Collector, I think.

imageproxy tru-spec-tiger-stripe-combat-pants_1_abe397cbb29e3faf875ea3985865ec05


Nice, just love the tigerstripe.

Wow that looks great Canuck. Glad you’re able to share your stuff over here now.

Awesome work indeed!

Thanks guys! I’ll probably make some changes to it but overall I think it turned out ok.

Well done. Is the uniform stuff from the DAMToys DEVGRU dude?

Thanks! Fatigues are from the DAM PMSCS in Syria, same for the Mayflower chest rig. Plate carrier is ES, boots DAM, helmet SS.

You can never go wrong with Tigers. A very clean looking bash.