WiP- "Ironside" PMC

Hey guys!
Here’s a little teaser for the PMC bash I am about to finish up.
Just some quick shots with my cell phone, I still have to work out the photo set-up.
More to come!


That´s pretty cool - I also like the car in the background!

Actually, that is the box insert from one of the old DAM “BHD” D-Boys.
The more things change…

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So far, so good! :+1:

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Thanks, @oso2013!
Getting a thumbs-up from an expert basher like you is an honor, indeed!

Nice bash!!! Nice background…

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Thanks man!
I came across the old DAM “BHD” box by default and thought it might make a good background. Could be Syria, Iraq or wherever, I guess…
Hopefully, the X-Mas holidays will give me a chance to take some “raw” photographs of the figure alone.

Some more pics. I had to resort to my cell phone, once more, because I’m still not happy with camera set-up and lighting…


Cool looking Figure and i love this headsculpt and look too. This SCAR with conversion kit is also very nice. By the way, your Leupold HAMR scope must be rotated 180° ;-).


@Col.Braddock: Thanks for correcting me on the scope!
I should stick with Eotechs - I always know, what is front and what is back with those… :rofl:
The converted SCAR is a nice piece, indeed!

Okay, I stand corrected! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have also seen Israelis using the MARS sight of their Tavors the other way round. Seems like it’s working either way?

I always thought that you wouldn’t be able to see the red dot if you look in from the front.
Maybe, it isn’t so…
Cool, then I don’t have to pry off the HAMR on my figure! :wink:

I’m not an expert, but that looks wrong to me. I guess it’s really up to the individual?

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It is backward.


That’s what I thought, doesn’t work this way around…

First: cool photo and this was captured during the FBI raid on the home of Herkimer, NY shooting suspect Kurt Myers in Mohawk, NY.

There will be a reason why he put it that way on his rifle but i don’t get it.

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Hey guys!
Some new shots.
Corrected the HAMR and also added a little colorful touch… :wink: