work in progress - NSWTU-E

Here are some pictures of my current SEAL I’m working on:

First: A Mk27 Mod2 Pistol (Glock 19 Gen4 w/Threaded Barrel) with Trijicon RMR Red Dot Sight built from a E&S Glock 19.

Second: I modified the cummerbund of the LV-119 to make the plate carrier tighter.


Very nice Figure so far. The Glock is great looking and i love that new Plate Carrier. Good work at the cummerbund. Will he get the new Noveske N4-300 rifle, a HK416 or MK18? The Figure reminds me of photos from Seal training in Cyprus 2021.

Yeah, what Col.Braddock said. Love the look of that Glock though I still kinda think it’s a sin that the SEALs have switched over from the SIGs. :smiley:

Oh man, looking great so far. I really wanted to bash a guy based on these pics too.

I think that should answer your question. :wink:


Me too! :grin: :wink:


Test shot