WorldBox AT027 Figure

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So I initially was looking to see fi anyone had purchased one of these and had had any luck outfitting it with whoever’s gear/uniform, but alas no replies. Since I ended up picking one up anyway, Let me tell you that it is an amazing figure body [well built, very stiff, but workable joints], well painted, and has some poseablity.

However, the figure body will NOT fit various uniforms from the major manufacturers presently out there who produce military or civilian outfits/uniforms. DAM, E&S, BBI, SS, Dragon, even HT all have trouble getting the pants above the thighs, and the one that did [from MiniTimes] I was unable to close the Velcro/snaps. Likewise, the tops from most manufacturers barely fit past the biceps, and the one or two that did I had very little range of motion w/o damaging the tops entirely [abd or were short in the sleeves]. The only outfit that seemed to fit “well” was a Kenner/Hasbro Darth Maul outfit [top and bottoms]. I did try a pair of shorts I had lying around [probably from Hasbro or BBI], which I think I was able to get on it successfully, but again I wouldn’t swear to it. I have some photos if you want I can post but really there’s not much to them except seeing how high the pants get up the legs.

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Sorry to hear this, reminds me of issues I had getting uniforms to fit some bbi bodies, years ago.
I’m going to look up this body, you’ve stirred my curiousity.

Just navigate to eBay and enter the name in the search field…can’t miss it.

The largest fitting clothes at least from a military brand point of view would be ACE, the early DAM figures that used their first generation body, Crazy Dummy, or the Easy Simple figures that used their first generation body (most of the releases prior to 20019 but not all). Another option may be looking at some of the HT figures that used a TTM20 body as the base.

Hmmmmm. I don’t know about the ACE outfits, never got around to buying much in the way of uniforms from them, I think possibly I have one outfit [I may have labeled it as an HT] was a desert tigerstripe outfit which I did take photos of [see attached], along with an HT one, but both didn’t work. I did buy a bit of their gear but not much in the way of uni’s. I also tried Dragon, DAM, E&S, and HT and all were no joy. I still have several DAM gen 1 figure bodies and outfits [I think] but I gotta tell you the bulk of uniforms I have didn’t get much further up the legs of the figure/thighs than what you see in the pictures.

I should mention I also tried SOTW, outfits, and a couple of tops fit [Vietnam era], but not much in the way of movement for the arms past the chest, and those were tops with the sleeves already rolled up.

Don’t recognize the pants specifically but most Hot Toys are tailored somewhat narrow outside of their TTM20 based figures and some of the superhero stuff. If you had an ACE uniform it would likely stand out as they are quite over-sized on anything other than their own bodies and tend to run tall/long.

The ES ones you have pictured (AOR Gen2 pants) are for their slim body, 26009 has two releases that unlike the rest of 26001-26018 use the 2.0 body. For DAM 78022,78018,78017,78015, 78013, 78010 and 78008 and lower use their first gen body.

The upper leg muscles can be a real pain with these muscle bodies. I wish they would scale them back as it is not like most people are posing them nude or in tactical speedos and it is relatively easy to pad upper legs out if you want the illusion of muscular thighs.

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I hadn’t thought about ACE figures and unis. Their bodies struck me as reflecting older, active soldiers . Thicker thru the middle, as happens.

The ACE Special Forces tan utilities are really big. I bought that figure because of the tan uniform, and OG gear (seemed rare then).

As for the WorldBox body, that is a beast! I’ve bought a variety of ZY bodies in the past few years, as they were sturdy and adaptable to various heads (necked and neckless). They also offered taller, shorter, slimmer, and broader types. I shied away from the bodybuilder types, as they do seem most suited to heroic or epic types.

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I always wondered about them [the musclebound ones] myself and thought, “well if I can afford at least one do I get a seamless or do I get one [like the Worldbox].” I personally really do like the Worldbox figures, they are well built, sturdy, and work with several different heads [at least heads I have tested with them]. I do recall seeing the ACE tri-color BDU’s and I agree they were very large on most of the figures in my collection at the time which is why I shied away from them.

I’ve only three HT Military figure sets in my collection [both USSOCOM Navy SEALs and one US Army sniper], and the rest tend to be mainline sets/outfits from the manufacturers I mentioned before]. As I mentioned the two desert tigerstripe camo’ sets [one definitely from HT the other I think from ACE] didn’t give me much room to work with.

As for the AOR2 [green pants first picture], those are actually from the DAM 78051set, which uses the DAM 2.0 body type [not sure if you’d call that narrow or not], but thanks for the info on the rest. As I mentioned [or possibly didn’t :blush:], most figures I own fit in most of the uniforms w/o incident [occasionallyt I have to add padding to some but most work w/o additional “bulking up”.

DAM tailoring for the 2/3 bodies is relatively close to the body so there is less leeway. Most brands have moved towards a closer fit with their clothing over time, for example the older Soldier Story uniforms fit quite a bit looser than the later. I’ve gotten away with using some older Soldier Story pants on muscular bodies but not so much their newer uniforms.

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I hear you, I have been “checking sizes” as of late between the various bodies I still have to outfit and the old, as well as new uni’s in my collection myself. The other thing is necks and posts [as well as headsculpts] seem to be inconsistent, which is also very frustrating to say the least. Take care :+1:t3:

Yeah that can be a real pain as each military brand has their own sizing, and even Hot Toys has something like 4-5 different length neck pegs I’ve come across now. DAM has two different neck peg lengths, a medium one for their 2.0 body and a shorter one for their 3.0 body. Soldier Story thankfully has one size across all their bodies. Easy Simple has two different sizes depending on if the head has a neck or not.

The easiest way to manage this is to swap the inner sleeve that goes inside the heads. I’ve come across conversions for DAM to SS and vice versa. I would imagine there are similar ones to adapt a Hot Toys head. DAM 2.0 bodies can be converted to Hot Toys sizing if you swap out the connector inside the neck of the body. DAM 3.0 bodies are a little trickier as they glue the upper torso sleeve to that connector.

You might also check out the work of fellow member @delusional who has (3D printed neck pegs on his shapeways store]( as he’s done a few 3d print neck peg converter designs.

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