WW1 Marine Guidance

I now have a Marine from all major eras (WW2, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Early 2000s and Modern) but I need a WW1 figure to round it out. I’m wanting something pretty quality as he will be standing with Dam, Soldier Story and Easy Simple figures so I want him to fit in but I am not even sure where to start. I know of the old Sideshow figure but it seems the uniform is the only quality part. Anyone know of any other sources for parts?

Absolutely no idea, but I know DID did some WWI.

The SST WW1 Marine uniform is the green version worn by Marines, when they first arrived in France. Eventually, they began wearing the Army uniform, like the Doughboy figure DiD issued (‘Buck Jones’). They added their “Eagle Globe and Anchor” collar insignia, sometimes attaching one to their Brodie helmets. They also painted some helmets.M1917helmet