WW2 1/18 scale Figures


Marauder Gun Runners did a kickstart for WW2 1/18 scale figures back in July 2018 time. It achieved funding for German infantry early & late war. German infantry with green camo top. US infantry early & late war. British infantry, Russian infantry & Japanese infantry. exclusive figures: windbreaker native american. Classic Green toy soldier. Various solid one colour black/grey/red German infantry. US Japanese american infantryman. I went ALL IN so would receive one of each figure, plus choose 70+ of what ever I fancied.

They did not achieve all fund levels, gutted as missed out on: German Africa corp, desert SAS (dam dam dam!!), US Para & German Para (dam dam!!).

Various customisation on figures mostly shoulder patches/rank/medals etc added.

Received figures about Sept 2019, and I slowly sorted them all out, and decided “build” for each figure. NOTE: each figure comes with an array of equipment so you have plenty of customisation opportunities. Well head aches tbh deciding what to build.

Brits: decided to go royal marine commando’s plus a few western Europe SAS.


Russian: painted shoulder tabs & added rank myself. Also painted officers hat & added stars to infantry helmets.



First two pics good example of customising options, Painted an Italian camo inspired top for these officers.

1/18 scale stuff taken up so much time over last 6mnths, fun but need a change, back to 1/6 projects I’ve put to one side.


…i think wwII isn´t the right theme for this forum:

“Armed Figures
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I think those are very cool. A great assortment of items for each.

More modern then a Spartan figure so…

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…i don´t want to go in this discussion…
what is modern and what isn´t, but i think in common thinking is it after wwII…

Are rifles and accessories pre-painted? Like the detail, even if it’s not 1/6

From what I have seen of 1/18 figures, these seem exceptionally detailed, very well made.

95% of the figures & accessories come pre painted. They do a few figure “sets” in block colours, ie RED I think is for people who would build some Red Shadows characters from Battle Action force (UK kids comic, which got folded into US GI Joe - many happy memories). People buy these for different reasons, many like me historical accuracy, important. Others are more into comic characters, looking to build GI Joe characters etc.

Accurate detail is what has drawn me to these figures . I do like a well built, well executed figure, no matter what the scale or subject really.