Yet another VLTOR CASV-EL rifle

It has been a while since I last posted anything here. I just haven’t felt inspired to build anything these past few months. I dragged myself out of my funk recently and finally completed a project which has sat unfinished for at least the last two years: a VLTOR M4 CQBR CASV-EL. This build marks the third attempt of this rifle that I have now made.

All three builds are based on the old SS CASVs released with a few of their figures some years ago. I built the first two versions back in 2012. You can view the thread showcasing them on OSW HERE.

To set this version apart from the other two, this build features a working flip-up front sight which folds away very nicely inside the handguard when not in use. This was cannibalised from a SS Mk12 sniper rifle and modified to fit onto a M4 barrel. Aside from that there is not a whole lot to say about this build. On with the pics…




Compare it with my previous attempts at the CASV…

As always, your thoughts/comments/suggestions are welcomed.


Looks great. These would be perfect for a late 2010s Navy EOD figure or something similar

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