Your first 1/6 item

This was my first ever 1/6 item I bought, now long disassembled and destroyed due to inferior quality.

I told myself back then that after aquiring the SS G36C, SS Type 56, HT L85 and SS MK17 rifles my collection will be complete… :laughing:

Now I am sitting here with 30+ figures, 10 mannequins, 60+ rifles, 10+ helmets etc and it’s steadily growing.

What’s yours?

I think my first 1/6 was a RAH Duke that spoke. I still have him and he still speaks.

Now my first 1/6 that I got that really pulled me back into the hobby was this…

He is my holy grail figure. I have spent the last few months buying replacement pieces for the ones that have broken due to age and “tough love” I am almost done.

I now have close to 80+ figures, 100+ weapons, way too many unis and gear. Sadly not all get displayed at once. Maybe someday though.

I’ve always mostly been into Soviet and Russian stuff, so my first three purchases, as a kid, were the BBI Krechet operator, Armoury VDV RPG soldier, and the 21st Century Toys Afghan War Spetsnaz figure.

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Can’t remember which specifically but it would have been some of the older Dragon modern figures and their carded accessory sets. It seems like a novelty now but it was nice being able to buy them off the retail shelves even if that meant travelling to another country to do so. From there there was the Hot Toys military figures before they became the propaganda division of Marvel. Soldier Story rekindled interest levels with some interesting figures like the FCS and CIA SAD figures.

BBI’s Force Recon figure started it off for me. That was way back in 2007. A lot of money spent in between then and now…

I bought my first 1:6 item (not counting a few GI Joes I had as a child) in 1997. It was a 21st Century Toys - Ultimate Soldier boxed USMC Recon Trooper. Paid exactly $15.50 for it including tax. Those were the days…
Fast forward 22 years to the present…still here, many hundreds of figures later, and going strong. I do owe a lot to this hobby, and will like to still be doing it when I reach my older years.

My first 12 inch figure when I was a boy was Hasbro’s GIJoe Gung-ho.

Then many years later Hot Toys Navy Seal Team 5 VBSS got me back into the hobby. Now I easily have about 30 to 40 figures in my collection. And even though I’ve slowed down a bit I still like to look out for what’s up and coming.

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A 12" Luke Skywalker back in the early 80’s. I managed to get a few others after that.

Then the late 90’s rolled in and Dragon and Blue Box Toys hit. I think my re-introduction was the Dragon “Ted” Tora Bora figure. Still have him, but his gear has been upgraded a few times.

I had a 12" GI Joe when I was about 10 years old. Nothing else…just 1 GI Joe. Wow, it was just so cool that the molded 45 went into the holster! Fastforward 30+ years later… I saw a Dragon figure, “Walt” and decided to buy it. I was stunned at the level of quality! Mag came out, slide action, and I think the hammer also worked…AND THAT WAS JUST ON THE PISTOL! And THE HOLSTER WAS MADE IN FABRIC!! I did not know how to do the MOLLE system, but I figured it out. MAN…I WAS HOOKED!!!

Now I have over 150 (probably closer to 200) modern military figures, ATV, Taowan Humvee & M-ATV, DiD WWII German Kettenkrad/Figure, Batmobile/Batman, Hulkbuster/Iron Man, plus over 1,000 weapons… Okay… I got carried away… LOL!

Oddly enough I think my first 1/6th item was the GI Joe Doughboy accessory set (from the late 1990s?) followed shortly by a Tuskegee Airman. I was around 5 at the time.

A decade or so later the DML ST3 “Rick” followed. I was maybe 12.
Some years later, my first “proper” modern figure: the TCT ST3 mountain ops figure, “Dick Marcinko” (or whatever). Very dated construction but I love this one and the HS stands the test of time. I was 16 or so, and that was around the time I got involved with OSW. (5 odd years ago) Yes, kind of odd for a teenager to be heavily into 1/6th but I found it helped me develop patience, perseverance and attention to detail that served me well in school, on the rugby pitch and eventually in the army.

Now I have about 10 figure bodies, between which I cycle all my 1/6th kit in various combinations. I don’t really display any permanently, they’re all constant WIPs that I occasionally get around to photographing. I’d say at least 35% of all my 1/6th parts are falling apart due to overuse, but for me, kitbashing is a very active and constantly evolving hobby, more of an activity than a collection.

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I am moving soon and I am struggling with 30 figures :smile:

My first 1/6 Figure with which everything started…:smiley:

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Tell me about it! LOL! Hopefully this will be the last move we have…LOL!

Your Taowan is so huge already, you could move with that one!

LOL! And I have two of them! Luckily they roll so no lifting involved. LOL!

You don’t actually happen to have this? I forgot if @AdamC once told me they were never released or only in very limited quantity.

I think one of the first modern figures was Hot Toys CVC us Army (with the face that was always carrot orange color), today I have about 60 Soldier Story (Rows), 10 Damtoys, I still have 3 figures DID3R (Goring 2 versions, for the beautiful uniforms and Yamamoto white version).
I had several DID WWII and DID3R that I sold … I also have about 100 figures 3A Threea, human and Robots (scales 1/6 and 1/12). I would like to have room to expose everything but it’s really impossible …


No, but I can get one! The camo version. I think this was the last vehicle that they did before they went under.

There are 3 camo and 3 greens on ebay now. The guy wants $1500+ shipped. Considering they were about $850 when you put a deposit down on them…

It looks like they came out not long ago as there are a few dealers in China with them now. Crazy since it was a 2015 preorder. MSRP for them was ~$700 USD but freight usually plays a big role in the price. To ship them overseas by courier you are looking anywhere from $300-500.

I’m pretty sure Taowan is part of the group that own DAM. The OEM for the product is Go Truck who now manufacture under their own brand but also do the OEM work for most of the other vehicles you see on the market. If you have the chance to get one locally from your friend’s shop Dave I would probably go for it.

Yeah, I am thinking about it Adam… But we have gotten far off the initial post. Sorry to everyone.