Your first 1/6 item


This was my first 1/6 figure…I think around 2003…a long time ago since then!


This is where we see the impressive evolution of the level of quality, in the detail of the figures, in 15 years …


I’d had a couple of GI Joes, and a “Rocky” paratrooper, when I was a kid. Years later, I was in a Target store, with the Missus, and our two kids. I rounded a corner, and saw carded Ultimate Soldier 1/6 figures. I bought a Fallschirmjager, and a Brit Para. Each was a sturdy body and decent headsculpt, with a uniform, boots, webbing, helmet, and weapon.
The Fallschirmjager still stands ready on a book shelf, the Para’s been awaiting a tune-up for years now. I cannot count how many 21C, DML, and bbi figures I bought, still have quite a few of them. Lots of Soldier Story and DAM since then. Lots and lots of loose stuff, too. Enough to keep me outta trouble until I really need to get into it.


Technically Sideshow’s Aragorn and Legolas circa-2007, but I didn’t start buying up sixth scale military until Spring ‘09.

My excuse? I had Hot Toys’ Chris, Sheva, and Wesker from Resident Evil 5 on preorder and I wanted some extra guns for them. It kinda…snowballed from there.

First 1:6 military figure was the classic DML Nigel.