Your Grail Piece?

See subject.

In your opinion, which one figure would you consider you 1/6th ”grail” piece up ’til now?
You know, the One that always have special place on your shelf and the One that you’ll never ever sell.


For me it’s my SS076B US SF Famcon Exclusive. I chased him for more that two and a halv years, missed him several times, got scammed twice but, finally, ended up finding him MIB in Finland of all places. The chase was real with this one… :laughing:

I really don’t know but that coyote jacket, the HS and overall preseance just demands attention. Also all the hazzle that I went through reminds me not to give up on my dreams in the 1/6th world or the very real world for that matter.


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SS084, the zero dark thirty devgru team’s my grail because like the actual grail I’ll never be able to get it, definitely my biggest regret in this hobby was not buying at least 2, one to keep and one to sell now. The last one I saw complete on the bay sold for an absolutely ridiculous price.It was such a well put together figure and I think the best looking seal Ang of the 1/6 manufacturers have ever produced


Yeah, that figure were really cool. I never jumped up on the whole DEVGRU-train but that figure is nice.

Keep on looking though, brother. You’ll never know if it pop up somewhere and allows you to snag it.

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I fully agree with @Woody, and I do share his regrets. Coming kind of late to this hobby, I missed out on that one, as well…
So, my “near-Grail” figures are the two DAM Geronimo figures which will always hold a special place in my gear and my display cabinet!


… in my heart, was what I mean…

SS083 MP7 and Fanspower FP001A helmet the pieces I own.

Then one I’ll probably never acquire anymore, Fanspower FP001B helmet.

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My GLINT team Ryder Watson. Released way before I got into the hobby and most places I saw had it very expensive. But I found one at a reasonable price.

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My grail pieces are the Taowan vehicles…

Not a military character but the ThreeA (3AA) Desert Attack Bramble Mk2 (1/12) released in January 2009 … rarely on Ebay, and with such an unrealistic price …

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Yeah, I have one non-military grail that I’m drooling over; the HT Wolf Predator 2.0.

Don’t know if I’m ever going to get him but I’m waiting. Biding my time…

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…well, for me it is soldier story SS083 aor1 mp7, too.
and damtoys 78013 devgru red team vbss.

New “ish” figure for me DamToys Marine Tet Offensive 1968 Vietnam War 1/6 Scale Figure. To this day no idea why I did not place an order when first released. Since then second hand values have been to high for my - Spend v value for money criteria

Also never see Dragon Cyber Hobby exclusive Elite German (being PC correct) on motorbike. Has become less of a Grail Piece as my taste has moved to modern military.

Probably the DAM “Beslan School Siege” figure. Can’t justify dropping 500 USD + on a 1/6th figure

I’m getting flashbacks to OSW and a particularly obnoxious member there who would always begin his posts with “See subject.”…shudder

Anyway, my grail is definitely the Soldier Story AT4 from the SS060 expo figure. I don’t remember if I have ever seen one of those for sale. Granted, I wasn’t looking for it when it first released, which likely would have helped.


@Canuck I’m right there with you. Some of these grails goes for crazy high prizes and I just can’t justify that kind of money.

@Scrib Sorry if I brought back bad memories and that wasn’t my intention😨
I do remember that member though

I was lucky enough to get the Famcon figure when it first came out… I liked it so much I bought enough parts to bash a buddy for him to hang out with on the shelf!

As far as this past year, hands down the Soldier Story SEAL Arctic Marksman is my favorite figure. The top three hall of fame figures in my collection of all time would probably have to be my DAM Corpsman (TOTS), Soldier Story USMC Desert Saber (Jarhead), and the Crazy Dummy ISAF SAW Gunner. Although if you ask me again tomorrow they might be totally different! :slight_smile:

You’re totally fine! It was funny more than anything, honestly.

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I bought what I believe was the last wood/metal H&G PKM on the market outside of China a few years back and still haven’t settled on a perfect bash to use it in, but would definitely regard it as my grail piece.

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Mm, I had serious craving för a particular WWII fig a long time. If I remember it right it was the SS039 (the 3rd Division Fallschirmjäger Ardennes-offensive with the Ed Harris HS).
Just soooo many pieces that were all the rage for me back in the day; the camosmock, the helmet (with that cool looking helmetwire), the beautiful jumpers boots and, above all, the panzerschreck just to mention some things.
Ended up just buying the camosmock and panzerschreck loose and used with a DiD-body and were pretty satisfyed with that.

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