Your Latest Purchase...

Figured I’d start a thread like the one over at OSW.

Here’s my recent haul:

Easy&Simple JPC and Fast helmet from their SAS figure.

No pics but just bought the Damtoys KSK figure, from Adam of course. :smiley:

Oh and I also picked up a loose, camoed L119A2 with the accessories from Money Depot.

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This is what I got lately


This one only for he stock to mod an M4



How much did you have to pay for that MP7?

I think approx. USD 100. Tracking that down for 3 years now. Literally went every 2nd day on taobao and typed “1/6 SS083”. Last month it finally turned up!

A Damtoys Green Beret arrived last week but the wife snapped it straight up to put away for my Birthday next weekend

Luckily she doesn’t know about a couple of Ace Vietnam figures which will hopefully arrive this week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow, you must’ve wanted that one really badly then. It does look like a nice piece.

And happy early birthday macuk. Seems like you’ll be celebrating with some nice stuff as well.

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The Expo figure? Enjoy and happy birthday!

Yes, picked up from China and it arrived within a week with no hassle at all with delivery. Superb service and what looks like a very nice figure. It’s my 50th so hopefully the Wife will spoil me lol

Just came in. Got some big plans for these two. :grin:

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just found a honey hole lol. Four of the DAm TOYS elite firearms 2 M4 sets one double only one the guy didnt have was the EF3

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You hit the Jackpot! :+1:

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Early Christmas :gift: for me. E&S 06018A Chapman. :santa:

Nice one, looks great put together.

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Let’s see…

Minitimes M012 set without body… lots of loose parts, M014, E&S range day shooter set B, Veryhot The Last, Caltek A-TACS, more loose pieces… lot of $$$ from the end year bonus went there…

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Bought a lot of loose gear from the Female Snow Leopard Sniper, Jiaolong commando unit, and E&S French Breacher to make a more realistic “what-if” PLA or MSS Middle East SF bash.

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