ZCWO DAT-SRS CQB rifle custom

I had this rifle in mind now for several years but never really had the desire to purchase it.

Laser could be from Very Hot, bipod is from ES 26025 and the scope from the Puzzle Bomb set. As only the first half of an inch of the barrel has a usable rail, I needed to file down the scope’s rail adapter to clip it on.


They look a lot better with proper accessories rather than what they originally come with. I have a few different SRS rifles that I added scopes to as well.

Are you speaking of the long barrel or short barrel ZCWO rifles or has someone else made these? The long barrel rifles come with this strange logo at the stock I didn’t really like.
Would like to see your pictures.

I have one of each: long and short barrel. As far as I know, ZCWO have made the only versions. I repainted mine to hide that ugly graphic on the stock.

That is a must, otherwise it comes close to ZERT or lightnings on flash hiders. Did you mod yours as well?

Long barrel ones that were sold in the ZCWO weapon sets had the silly graphics. The ones that came with figures do not.

I am unfamiliar with this system, and searching it, found scale building and airsofter references.
_ Is it from a game system?
_ It visually suggests the philosophy of a short, relatively light, close range, precision shot platform .
The bolt action seems to support that, with its rearward, “bullpup” (?) position being a stretch, as far
as what CQB usually indicates.

One of the platforms available from Desert Tech.

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That’s enightening. Designated as a scout rifle, too. Chambered for some substantial calibers, shouldn’t nod off during firing.

This tiny thing has an effective range of more than 1000m :flushed:

Not a lot - a fresh coat of paint on both, new better quality accessories, and a suppressor for the Covert (compact) version. Alas I do not have either piece or any photos with me to share.