ZCWO ZC56 Muriel Black Limited

Parts List:

ZCGirl “EVE” Body (Pale)
Long Torso
ZCGirl Real Like Head (Eye Rotation Technique)
Blue Iris Eye Ball x 1 pair
Protective Gloved hands
PCU Jacket & Pants (Grey)
Grey Slim Fit T Shirt
Grey Arm Sleeves
Tactical Boots
Molle system Sand Plate Carrier
Molle system belt
Molle system sling bag
Drop Leg Carrier
Sand Knee Pads
Desert Eagle w/h Holster
Desert Eagle w/h Holster (Long Barrel)
Pro1500 Laser Rangefinder
Pocket Weather Meter
M200 Sniper Rifle (Black)

That supposed to be Meryl in Solid Snake’s uniform?

This and the regular version were inspired by the Meryl character but they were just reusing an existing PCU jacket design.