ZY Toys ZY2007/2008 AK Series

ZyToys is not known for great quality, but I might be in for an AK47. Looks like wood - is it metal as well?
The AKS47 I would rather get from DAM, as far as I can tell from their two expo pics., although this one has rails on the handguard. Will have to wait for the release!

Everyone is jumping on the Russian theme now

EDIT: @AdamC Will you have these for sale?

Probably plastic. Their quality is generally fair at best as they use low end plastics. Interesting to see more jumping on the Russian bandwagon however. They don’t seem to have any interest in replying to inquiries unfortunately.

I have DML, DAM, and Art Figures’ AKs, and these don’t appear to be recasts of any of them. ZY is known for producing new molds, so that’s a plus.

Directly mounting picatinny rails on the handguard of the AKS-47 seems…kinda lazy? Also not a fan of the scope rail mounting assembly being a single piece, which leaves holes on the receiver when it’s not attached.

Wish these were AKMs, as they are something sorely missing from the table today.

Sort of par for course with their products as they usually target a lower price point. These for example are about $13 USD in China. Not unreasonable in that context although you would think by now we would be done with pegs on all but the 4D type stuff.

Interesting. I just might have to order these. I like the AKS-47 better than the full stock Chinese AK-47.

It’s out already?

Really cheap though. Wouldn’t hurt so much to just buy.

Just bought the AK47 for USD20 incl. shipping. No big loss, if it’s crap, what it most likely will be, but I am curious.

Some photos from a seller in China. I guess is what they mean by “in hand photos” right? :laughing:

I also provide some pics when it arrives. These look very professional. Probably they cheated on the colors with filters?

If it’s alright quality, I buy the AKS 47 and add GL and silencer.

Without the Night Vision scope it wouldn’t be that interesting though.

They are just using a continuous lighting source like the sort below. Easier than using flash but the less expensive lighting options are usually multiple CFL bulbs or tungsten ones which get really hot. Good option if you have a larger room to take photos in, but in a small room it can get pretty hot. They’ll give you consistent results but every light has it’s own color temperature meaning you may need small tweaks in something like lightroom depending on what color temperature the bulbs are and if the bulbs are really terrible sometimes color filters can help remove a strong color cast from the bulb.

For a basic camera setup two constant light sources on either side (prevents shadows) plus an entry level DSLR are the easiest ways to get consistent, repeatable images. With a flash (or studio strobe) it’s the same idea, best results are with flash on either side, but you still need similar type of idea with a stand and diffuser box, otherwise you get very harsh lighting/hard shadows. With continuous lighting like this as long as you have enough watts you’ll get even lighting and not have to worry as much about the camera exposure/flash levels, etc. If you want a proper flash setup it gets very expensive. I would rather just use continuous lighting but don’t have the room to properly set it up and deal with the heat.

It actually doesn’t look half bad. Maybe I will pick one up after all.


My box set arrived. Well, it’s crap, but I needed to spend USD 20 to know. There was this slight chance it’s half decent.

It’s not worth putting review pics. All plastic, but at least moving parts. In case you want an AK47N so badly go for it. It’s the only one out there. However for my collection it’s just too bad and didn’t make it.

Thanks for letting us know. I wish ZY would step up their game a bit. They make some interesting pieces but they are often a let down. I just finished putting together a few of their ATVs and had to modify and fix a few things because they were assembled so badly.

Yeah, also their MP5s were nice in variety, but lacked so much detail and quality.

This AK here already feels cheap in your hand, because they are so light in weight and so soft/thin material wise.
Also the way the paint/plastic reflects light looks very bad quality.

Regarding the AKS47 DAM will fortunately have sth to release this year.

I didn’t know they made vehicles too!
At least they do good preview shots to make their products look better :slight_smile:

They made the ATVs and I think they had some other motorbikes. Also on some of their older heavy weapons like the MK19 they include adapters to use in the turret of the hasbro humvee. They have some good ideas, just sometimes the end product is lacking. The ATVs were just put together somewhat sloppy and have a silly way of mounting the tires which requires you to glue a hub in place.

They definitely have a good idea for detail in what they pick as subjects, but their offerings are at the more budget end of quality and often without that budget price. Their MP5/MP7 sets were not well regarded in case you look at those.

Well I’m glad I didn’t buy one then.


You can see it’s a one piece mould with several moving parts. Safety switch, charging handle and grenade launcher sight.
When operating the charging handle it’s close to falling apart or breaking. Can’t field strip.

Yeah, looks pretty cheaply made to me. It’s funny because a lot of their earlier sniper rifle releases were actually pretty nice.