ZY Toys ZY2011 P90 Series

ZY? I’ll pass. These look pretty airsoft-y, and I have yet to see a P90 done better than the venerable Dragon examples.

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It might be worth getting the accessories, but the P90 itself looks pretty much garbage like the Armshead one.

The ZY ones are pretty budget priced so it’s to be expected I guess. The P90 has been popping up a lot in recent times.

I got this. And it is pretty good. Not the accessories chpo! But the P90 itself. It surprised me a lot.

I would only like the mag holder clip from this one. Are the SMGs the same mould as the Hot Toys one or closer to 1/6 scale?

Probably closer to 1/6 scale.

The cocking mechanism has a spring. Very nice movements! Plus, the bottom of the trigger swivels. HT does not have any of these features. Not HT molds at all.

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Considering our P90 options for this hobby, this is probably the best we can get by now. I bought it more or less to aquire some loose parts of the accessories, but there is much more to it. I am going for the black version with silencer now, too.

No doubt, the paintjob is very, very basic and it feels very light in your hand, due to cheaper plastic used. However it’s in scale and kind of exactly what DML offered, but with much more detail. So HT and ASTOYS are out already.

Charging handle is more refinded with ZYTOYS and also spring loaded

ZYTOYS comes with laser

It also has wording under the detachable rails

P90 cal 5.7 x 28

Fire selector is movable

Ejection port is accessable

Hole for sling is apparent

Changable top rail and barrel length. BLK version comes with silencer instead of longer barrel

Mag detail with painted bullet and spring. You can insert the mag without detaching the whole front mount, like HT. With DML you coudln’t remove the mags at all.
Don’t cut the plastic pin, where I indicated in my image. Looks better, but it’s designed this way to hold in the magwell. Otherwise it’s too loose and falls out. Now I need to wait for the BLK one to use another mag with pin.

One drawback is the sights, but I ordered a hand drill to apply holes (far right is DML)

All the other attachments in this set are low quality, so use ES, DAM or SS. They will work with slight adjustments.


Much better now. Thanks @SUN_GZU for once pointing out these hand drills to me. They are very handy.


The pastel yellow version reminds me of a FB post by a gun range near to me. Autoloader pistols in this color, and I think, a sort of “aqua blue” version. Seems like a twisted, “designer” Easter theme.

tho they bring a lot of money on the market, I’ve never liked commemorative firearms, whatever the type of imagery, text, or component colors.