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The good thing is, this might be the best SVD up to date with movable charging handle. The negative, we all know ZY Toys quality. However, their P90s weren’t all bad, to highlight a positive.

I saw these and was like…ugh, ZY.

It has been a while since we’ve had an SVD on the market. They’re cheap, I might pick up a standard model out of curiousity.

I wish DAM would do a series of Afghan War figures. We could get an AK-74 with wood furniture, an SVD, a PK/PKM…

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Their optics are bad, but the base rifles could do the job. Same for the P90s the released some time ago.

Very excited for the SVDS Para model, in particular that 1PN58 night sight, as there are many options for other Russian bashes using this device.

I’m gonna buy one of each, especially like the SVDS.

Definitely could use a cheap PKM. I want to make a modern Spetsnaz variant

Will be nice to finally get an SVD. I recently came across one of the old Hot Toys versions for a reasonable price. What are people’s thoughts on that piece (sharpness of details, accuracy of scale, etc)? Should I take the plunge or should I wait for this new one from ZYT to hit the market? Thoughts?

The HT is rough/soft on details and I just did a size check on mine (not part of the collection proper as it is being held by the HT Sheva Alomar): 8.25 inches. Multiply that by 6 and you get 49.5. 1:1 SVD: 48.2 inches.

So it’s slightly overscale. I like the detailing on these ZY SVDs more than the HT, but ZY doesn’t compare to the level of detail we’d expect from SS, DAM, or E&S.

I think DAM would be the most likely to provide us with a good SVD. I think it’s too low-speed for E&S (well, the old model with the wood furniture at least). DAM already has a PSO scope mold!